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Microsoft JDConf 2024 will livestream on Microsoft Reactor: RSVP today for exclusive updates, networking opportunities, and resources.


What to expect at the conference

Prepare for an enriching two-day journey with Microsoft JDConf 2024, featuring a curated selection of live sessions from leading voices in the Java community and Microsoft’s teams. To accommodate our global audience, we're organizing separate live streams targeting three major regions: Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. This ensures that no matter where you are, you can be a part of Microsoft JDConf at a time that works best for you.

Microsoft JDConf isn't just another event; it's a platform where you can elevate your Java expertise, explore cutting-edge developments in the Java ecosystem, learn about Microsoft tools and services that empower every Java developer in the world, and connect with fellow Java professionals. Get ready to join us for two days packed with insights and advancements that will empower you as a Java developer.



Schedule Session Speakers
27-Mar-24 08:30 08:35 AM Welcome to JDConf Americas Host: Bruno Borges, Microsoft
27-Mar-24 08:35 09:00 AM JDConf Technical Keynote
Julia Liuson, Microsoft
Josh Long, Broadcom
Mark Heckler, Microsoft
27-Mar-24 09:00 09:30 AM Cache Me If You Can: Speed Up Your JVM With Project Valhalla Theresa Mammarella, IBM
27-Mar-24 09:30 10:00 AM Empowering Quarkus Applications with AI and OpenTelemetry on Kubernetes
Daniel Oh, Red Hat
Brian Benz, Microsoft
27-Mar-24 10:00 10:30 AM Paving a Painless Path to Production AI in Your Java Applications Mark Heckler, Microsoft
27-Mar-24 10:30 11:00 AM From Zero to Java Hero: Visual Studio Code Mastery Loiane Groner, Citibank
27-Mar-24 11:00 11:30 AM Instant Coffee: How to Eliminate Java Performance Warmup Simon Ritter, Azul Systems
27-Mar-24 11:30 11:55 AM Spring AI: Streamlining Java Enterprise AI Development and Deployment Mark Pollack, Broadcom
27-Mar-24 11:55 11:59 AM Closing Remarks Bruno Borges, Microsoft



Schedule Session Speakers
27-Mar-24 07:00 07:05 PM Welcome to JDConf Asia-Pacific Host: Rory Preddy, Microsoft
27-Mar-24 07:05 07:30 PM Bootiful Spring Boot 3 Josh Long, Broadcom
27-Mar-24 07:30 08:00 PM Virtual Threads in Action Daniel Kec, Oracle
27-Mar-24 08:00 08:30 PM Optimize Java Apps for High Traffic Scenarios
Nikita Nallamothu, Microsoft
Sandra Ahlgrimm, Microsoft
27-Mar-24 08:30 09:00 PM Maximize Azure Container Apps for Seamless Deployment and Execution Sean Li, Microsoft
27-Mar-24 09:00 09:30 PM Leveraging Generative AI for Java Service Enhancement Yoshio Terada, Microsoft
27-Mar-24 09:30 10:00 PM Improving HotSpot Scalar Replacement Cesar Soares, Microsoft
27-Mar-24 10:00 10:25 PM Building Generative AI Applications with Azure Cosmos DB and Java Manish Sharma, Microsoft
27-Mar-24 10:25 10:30 PM Closing Remarks Rory Preddy, Microsoft



Schedule Session Speakers
28-Mar-24 02:00 02:05 AM Welcome to JDConf EMEA Host: Sandra Ahlgrimm, Microsoft
28-Mar-24 02:05 02:30 AM Java Meets AI: How to Build LLM-Powered Applications with LangChain4j Lize Raes, Open Tide
28-Mar-24 02:30 03:00 AM Sparking Developer Joy: Elevating Developer Experience with VSCode Java
Nick Zhu, Microsoft
Mohit Suman, Red Hat
Roland Grunberg, Red Hat
28-Mar-24 03:00 03:30 AM Mastering Testcontainers for Better Integration Tests Oleg Šelajev, AtomicJar
28-Mar-24 03:30 04:00 AM Semantic Kernel for Java Rory Preddy, Microsoft
28-Mar-24 04:00 04:30 AM What's Coming in Jakarta EE 11? Reza Rahman, Microsoft
28-Mar-24 04:30 05:00 AM Fast And Lightweight Spring Boot Applications With GraalVM Alina Yurenko, Oracle
28-Mar-24 05:00 05:25 AM How to Keep Your Spring Boot Projects Up-to-Date Martin Lippert, Broadcom
28-Mar-24 05:25 05:30 AM Closing Remarks Sandra Ahlgrimm, Microsoft

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Learning Resources

Java development with Microsoft

Learn how to develop Java applications and services with Microsoft technologies, including the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, Visual Studio Code, GitHub Actions, and the Azure SDK for Java.

Get started with Java on Azure

Start here and learn how you can build, migrate, and scale Java applications on Azure using Azure services. Use tools and frameworks that you know and love – Spring, Tomcat, WildFly, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, Maven, Gradle, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Jenkins, Terraform and more.

Take the challenge Java on Azure Developer

Start developing modern Java applications in the cloud with managed compute, databases, and DevOps services. In about 15 hours, you’ll learn how to build and scale Java applications on Azure with a range of Azure services and popular Java tools and frameworks.

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